Saturday, 23 November 2013

Zagreb Main Train Station

Zagreb Main Train Station is gate of Zagreb. If you are coming from south of Croatia, or east or west Europe, Main Train Station is probable first destination in Zagreb. And it is situated in the center of the city, so when you come by train, as soon as you are out of Station, you'll see almost the best that Zagreb can offer. King Tomislav's Square, The Lenuci Horseshoe, leading to Ban Jelačić Square, is probably most known part of Zagreb for all strangers and tourists.

Old building, Austrian style, dominate on King Tomislav's Square. Close to Station is one more important building, nowdays Hotel Regent Esplanade, with beautifull park between Station and Hotel. All main tram routes are passing thru King Tomislav's Square, with tram station just 50 metres from Station. Trams from here are going to all parts of city - New Zagreb, Dubrava, Črnomerec, Borongaj... You can go to almost all important Zagreb's blocks. And even if you just want to go to airport, bus terminals to Velika Gorica, where Zagreb airport is situtated, are just 200 meters from Main Station.
Main Train Station is connection to Europe. There are everyday train lines from and to München, Split and Belgrade. Zagreb was a station on line of famous Orient Express, so it is possible to go by trin from Zagreb to paris and Istanbul. So, it is not an exaggeration to say, Main Station is gate to Europe. In summer time, a lot of mostly young tourists are using trains to come to Croatia's capital, so in summer of 2013th, Zagreb was big touristic surprise. It had the biggest rise of tourists in all Croatia. Mixture of the middle Europe, with small admixture of the Orient and Mediterranean is like magnet for tourists who wants to see something new in this parts of the World.

Since Main Station is in center of Zagreb, it has its own night life. A lot of people passing by, non-stop shops close to it, few hotels and hotels in the streets sourrunding King Tomislav's Square are guarantee that you can't be bored in this part of Zagreb. Statue of King Tomislav itself is place where a lot of youngs are coming for evening fun. So it is a nice place to start discovering night life of Croatian capital.
Written by:Danko Radaljac

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