Sunday, 22 December 2013

Advent in Zagreb 2013

Advent in Zagreb is specific time. Center of city is colorful , with a lot of Christmas decorations, specially on the main square and streets and squares around. Main happenings are on Ban Jelačić Square, Zrinjevac and on Bogovićeva Street. Most of big pre-christmas and New Year concerts are on Ban Jelačić Square, which can take over 50.000 visitors. Some of city residents don't like big tent on this main square, since it is kind of killing "Mittel Europa" look of this part of Zagreb. But, on the other hand, everybody can buy some sausages and hot wine there.

Older people for sure much more adore Zrinjevac, part of Lenuci Horseshoe, which on advent time has two roles. First one is to be a part of Advent street fair, with a good offers of hand made things and domestic food and spices. It is some kind of custom in Zagreb to check if there's anything interesting there. Second role of Zrinjevac is about music. Cause, it is place where in beatufull pavilion some classic music concerts are done. It is not unusual to see people dancing in front of musicians.

Most important part of street fair is Bogovićeva street. It is either starting or finishing point of walks in city center. Wooden houses with all kind of offers, food, clothes, spices, drinks. Good start of walk if you are hungry, or good finish if you get hungry. Probably most famous are debrecen sausages, usually taken with mustard.

All in all, Zagreb in december is classical Middle Europe city. With life concentrated in the center of the city, a lot of decorations, lights, and happy people. Christmas and New Year are doing good on Zagreb's night mood.

Written by:Danko Radaljac

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