Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Announcement: Zagy Foundraising

It's hard to be an artist today. You need money. So, we are here to announce found raising party for Hrvoje Zalaukar, who is preparing his own photography exhibition in Canvas gallery.  On 26th September there's "Zagy Foundraising" party at the Attack club Medika in the center of Zagreb. Don't be bitch, come and pay 20 kunas for entrance, help artist to do good thing and enjoy yourself.  You'll be able to see performances of Das Univerzitas Kunst Muzik (EU), DJ King Pigeon (USA) and Mnogi drugi (CRO). Good time is  insured, giving 20 kunas just for that, and doing something good in our life is just plus.

And who is Hrvoje Zalaukar, also known as Zagy? He is just finishing Design on Zagreb University, and already had a lot of work in photography. Since everybody works for money at the end, he can say he done photos for three banks in Croatia, for some domestic actors, and even for Croatian Red Cross. He was involved in making some music spots for Croatian musicians, including for Kim Verson, winner of one tv-talent contest show. Also, he was contributor to some magazines. It must be said, he has done some work for Playboy magazine, so it is OK to envy at this part of his working life. But, his primary love is photography, so he prepared this night party to raise funds for exhibition.  
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Party is, as we said, on 26th September, Thursday night, starting at 10 PM. It is in centre of Zagreb, near to Medika is one of the best Kebap shops in city, so you can even eat something if you get tired because of dancing on music. It is known that atmosphere in Medika is OK, so pay 20 kunas for exhibition fund and enjoy in music and good company. Take good with you, too, of course. See you there.

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