Friday, 9 August 2013

Manduševac Pt. 2

There are a lot of legends explaining the name Manduševac. One of them says that a knight asked a young woman named Manda to grab him some water. But the name Manduševac, which etimologically connects the name Manda and a noun 'ševac' which tranlates into 'lover' led historians and linguists to search further. The documents from the Zagreb diocese they discovered reveal the real truth. The incident described happened in 1291, when a knight returning from the latest Crusade passed by the spring, where he met a bautiful girl named Manda. When they surrendered to their passion, the angry mob swarmed them and burned Manda at the stake. The knight kept his head thanks to his status, but was chained and thrown into a dungeon for the rest of his life. After that, when passing by the spring, people would tell the story about Manda who was there grabbed by her 'ševac', and this is how the names Zagreb and Manduševac actually came to be.

 Written by: Gordana Mijatovic

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